Apel pentru parteneri

Apel pentru parteneri – proiect Erasmus+/ Call for partners
Call for partners – KA1 – Learning from each other (LEO)
Avram Iancu Beius Association is looking for 2 UE partner organizations, interested in participating in an Erasmus+ Youth Mobility project – seminary for youth workers, which will be submitted at the February deadline.
Deadline to receive partner’s documents: 25.01.2017
Project’s duration: 7 months – June – December 2018
Seminary period: September 2018 (3-7 September)
Activities’ duration: 5 days
Location: Romania
Goal: A team of 28 youth workers will participate in a seminary hosted in Romania, to develop/improve key, professional and personal competences in an intercultural and dynamic environment, thus having the opportunity to share cultural heritage elements of each partner country and to know our history. Participants will be familiar with similar issues in the realities of other countries, developing understanding of intercultural dimension and tolerance in European activities aimed at young people, especially disadvantaged youngsters (socially, economically, geographically or educationally).
1. Developing the competences of using social media tools in order to promote and improve the quality of the activities with youth, of 28 youth workers, during the 5 days of seminary;
2. Improving social-civic and European citizenship competences of 28 youth workers, to promote community-based volunteering and participation in democratic and civic life among youth, during the 5 days;
3. Developing transversal competences of 28 youth workers to motivate and involve young people to participate in community projects and programs, in order to capitalize their potential, during the 5 days of the seminary.
We expect motivated and committed with the aim of the project partners. The teams will be co-operating in the activities, the activity programme being concerted. Partners will hold sessions where they have high quality expertise in the field. Through our activities we will develop: open, honest, cooperative attitude of communication, acceptance of evaluation by others, the force of persuasion in promoting the positive values of the social community, elements that are necessary for any youth worker.
The working methods will include: interactive presentations on the thematic areas of the project (social media, communication, European citizenship, teamwork, volunteering, community development – partnerships), role play, case studies, debates, brainstorming, group work, non-formal activities that give freedom to creativity and innovation (providing space for participants to share their experiences, experiential learning, confidence-building exercises, etc.). The activities and methods will be linked together in a holistic approach.
If you are interested, please send an e-mail to dianna_panda@yahoo.com or ana.naghi@gmail.com, which should include a presentation of your organization and the PIC number.
If your organization will be selected, you will have to send the mandate signed and stamped, in scan format until 25th of January.
Thank you!

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